fultz ink

creative works by g desiree fultz

can be purchased at the following online stores:

Prints and gifts at society 6
oracle cards at pi-astro

original art sold on fb artist personal profile
specials posted to facebook art page

original art and collectibles sold on ebay
books on amazon under: g desiree fultz
books on amazon under:  desiree finkbeiner
Video projects on youtube

music archive on soundcloud 

Music projects: where she rules    ARKH1V3

metals and gems and minerals, oh my!

jewelry, talismans, metalwork

hand made wearable art, metaphysical ritual implements,
and curios made by G Desiree Fultz
Most of these have sold. If you'd like something made by Desiree, the best chance to grab it first is to follow her on Facebook. For custom work, send a message.